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 Something new, something old.

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PostSubject: Something new, something old.    Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:03 pm

Back in the Salem witch trials there was a coven of thirteen families but as the trials became common and more and more people accused the circle dwindled down to seven. With such a loss the coven took it upon itself to move as far as they could, but in doing so they lost so many more lives. The once mighty coven now only sat five families. When they finally found new grounds they sat and made a pact, they would get the blood lines strong and pure and they would never forget about the evil that was done to them. They tried coming up with ideas so that the story would never die but all the ideas came down to nothing. Stories could be altered and books could turn to dust. The only thing that would ensure the memory was if they trapped the magic, memories, and abilities into the crystals so that they could constantly be reborn. Everyone agreed and swore a blood oath, an oath so strong no magic or any other will could break. The families would have no choice but to follow this pact.
 Many years went by and they had started pouring memories and thoughts into the crystals but they learned the hard way that in doing so it would cost them their minds. The magic was draining and some wanted to turn back but the oath wouldn't allow it. The code would be followed. Gradually people stopped complaining and let it happen, they explained to their children what was happening and what would be done. Some families grew weak, they no longer hated the people who had hurt them, they just wanted to live life and be alive and others never let go of the rage. And the rage burned brighter and brighter as they passed down the lines for hundreds of years. The feelings and the oath drove wedges between families that where once great friends. The coven needed alliance but it's hard to give up grudges. It's hard to come back into life younger and in a newer world. Everything was always changing but always the same.
One person would place themselves into a crystal and then the crystal would be passed once a baby was rumored to be born. Entire blood lines warring over who would be blessed with the gift and who was just a wasted nine months. If something isn't done soon the war will no longer be an emotional one against the families of the evil families from Salem but it will become one within a coven. And how easy would it be to kill a beast you know everything about?
If the crystal gave you the gift then starting at ten you will start seeing things, memories that had been held inside the crystal for hundreds of years. The rage and fear and confusion come after those memories. it's almost cruel, one minute you are yourself and then it's like you start seeing the world through millions of different eyes. There is spells and charms that help you understand what you are seeing, help you sort it out so you don't get lost in the memories. But sometimes you can't fight what you have seen with your own eyes. Once you have seen the lies and the betrayal and the love and loyalty you can't just turn it all off. Most of the time it changes you, but sometimes, if you are strong you can still be yourself. You can know this is your body, your mind and your soul. You can just hear the memories and learn from them. The path to following this oath rests with you.  

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Something new, something old.
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